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Where to Buy the NES Classic Edition in Canada

Where to Buy the NES Classic Edition in Canada

By Simon Hung

Jordan, 1995. Lemieux, 2000. Nintendo, 2018. Iconic comebacks don't happen often, but we'll get to experience one on Friday, June 29, as Nintendo is set to re-release the very popular NES Classic Edition.

Originally launched in November 2016, demand for the tiny console skyrocketed during the 2016 holiday season due to extremely limited stock and it wasn't uncommon to see supply to go out of stock within seconds at popular retailers like and Best Buy.

The NES Classic Edition comes pre-loaded with 30 games and includes one wired controller.

Nintendo ultimately discontinued the NES Classic in April 2017 and the only method of buying one since then has been through third-party marketplaces, usually at significantly inflated prices.

Luckily, nostalgic gamers will have another chance to acquire the highly sought-after console, but it may still be an uphill battle. As of June 27, no Canadian retailers have offered pre-orders for the NES Classic and a few stores will only be selling them in-stores at first due to very limited stock.

We've listed stores that will likely have the console for sale, along with online product links -- note that some links may be inactive, as we unearthed listings from the initial 2016 launch. We'll update this list with new details as they become available, so check often for the most up-to-date information. - $79.99

  • Online -- available July 17, Prime members only

Best Buy - $79.99

  • Online -- available June 29 at 10:00 AM ET1
  • In-store -- available June 29 in all stores with limited quantities2

Costco - $79.89

  • Online -- available June 29, no membership required
  • In-store -- availability currently unknown

EB Games - $79.99

  • Online -- available June 29 at 12:00 AM ET3
  • In-store -- available June 29 with limited quantities4

London Drugs - $79.99

  • Online -- available June 29
  • In-store -- available June 29 with limited quantities

Microplay - $79.99

  • In-store -- 28 available at Newmarket location June 295, availability at other locations unknown

Shoppers Drug Mart - $79.99

  • In-store -- spotted in some stores, stock varies wildly depending on store

Staples - $79.99

  • Online -- "coming soon" as of June 30
  • In-store -- availability currently unknown

The Source - $79.99

  • Online -- available June 29

ThinkGeek - $59.99 USD

  • Online -- available June 29 at 9:00 AM ET, Canadian shipping available

Toys R Us - $79.99

  • Online -- available July 5
  • In-store -- available June 29 at 12 stores with a maximum of 100 per store6

Walmart - $79.96

  • Online -- available July 4
  • In-store -- available June 29 with limited quantities7

Nintendo has mentioned that the NES Classic Edition will be available throughout 2018, but if stock levels of the follow-up Super NES Classic Edition are any indication, supply will be scarce and demand will be high. As a result, we recommend checking our Hot Deals forum often and shopping as fast as possible if you see it in stock. Good luck and happy hunting!


    • I live close to Ottawa and I called walmart asking how many consoles would be available tomorrow.. they said close to 14. I then called microplay, they said 16 with only 3 controllers..

      Lot less quantities than when the SNES got released... :( Discouraging that Nintendo had all this time to get ready and manufacture these but are selling such small quantities. Not cool.
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    • A load of crap really Still have the SUPERNES Classic sitting in a box from Xmas.
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    • I pre-ordered it online through Amazon UK and it is right on the way with delivery in the middle of July.
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    • The Source and Costco have them available online right now. Good luck!
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    • The Source and Costco have them available online right now. Good luck!
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    • I basically walked in to Wal Mart Lougheed Mall in Coquitlam, BC and got it. No line ups no issues.....
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    • Pick one up in North Bay this morning at BestBuy. After I got mine they had about 12-15 left. Have to go to customer service to get one.
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    • I love Costco's pricing strategy.
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    • They were available at 10am in Thunder Bay at EB Games. Didn't want one as I still have the SNES Classic sitting in it's box unopened. IF I wanted one this bad I will pick it up when the shipment comes in another week. I have so many original systems now that I really don't need any more...
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