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McDonald's Adds Books as a Happy Meal Toy Option

McDonald's Adds Books as a Happy Meal Toy Option

By Thomas Kenzaki

One of the most iconic menu items at McDonald’s is the Happy Meal. You know, the kids meal that comes in the cardboard box with golden arches as a handle? The thing kids arguably love most about them is that they come with a toy. Today McDonald’s Canada announced a big change, though!

Starting May 15 you’ll have the option to choose from a book instead of a toy. This is great because you’ll have a more educational option and also won’t have to listen to that Minion toy over and over and over (parents will know what I’m talking about here).

To provide the books, McDonald’s Canada has partnered with Kids Can Press, the largest Canadian-owned children's book publisher. The reason behind the decision to offer books was "to foster the love of reading to children across the country and encourage families to share story time together."

The books are available now and the two launch titles are Hurry Up, Franklin and Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach. We’ve been told all the books will be both written and illustrated by Canadians and feature Canadian-specific content. Perhaps we can look forward to seeing Franklin Eating Poutine on his Chesterfield next?

I'm a big fan of the additional choice to the Happy Meal toy and I’d love to hear what you think of this change in the comments below!


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