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Purolator Stops Accepting Shipments Amidst Possible Strike

Purolator Stops Accepting Shipments Amidst Possible Strike

By Simon Hung

March 29 update: a strike has been averted, as a tentative deal has been reached between Purolator and Teamsters Canada. The agreement needs to be ratified by Teamsters Canada, but Purolator is accepting packages again and operating normally.


In a precautionary move, Purolator has stopped accepting shipments for deliveries due to a possible strike by their largest union, Teamsters Canada.

The union, which includes 8,162 Purolator employees, rejected Purolator’s most recent offer during labour negotiations and issued a 72-hour notice of strike action on Sunday, March 26. If a deal is not reached between the two parties, a strike would begin on Wednesday, March 29 at 4:30 PM EST.

Purolator has stated that they will make efforts to ensure shipments currently in their network are delivered, but there may be delays and no new packages will be accepted until the labour dispute is resolved. As a result, take note of any stores that ship orders using Purolator when shopping online, as there is a chance that your order may be delayed. If possible, choose an alternate courier to deliver your orders.

There is a possibility that the labour dispute will be resolved before a strike, as a mediator has brought both sides back to the bargaining table on Tuesday, March 28 in an effort to avert a strike. To keep track of the negotiations and find updates about the possible strike, visit the Purolator website or follow Teamsters Canada on Twitter.


    • The Teamsters union representing Purolator voted again their most recent contract and issued a 72 hour strike notice on Sunday. The earliest they can go on strike would be 16:30 on Wednesday.

      The company is ceasing new pick-ups so they can bleed the network dry of any existing parcels in their network.
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    • No wonder Amazon is starting to build their own courier network...
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    • I ordered a sex toy and its suppose Yo be delivered tomorrow. They better not go on strike I'm feeling so Randy.
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    • Supercooled wrote:
      Mar 29th, 2017 2:22 am
      I ordered a sex toy and its suppose Yo be delivered tomorrow. They better not go on strike I'm feeling so Randy.
      You can always go to the grocery store and get cucumbers/watermelons anytime
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    • Service Alert:
      Purolator returns to normal operations

      We are pleased to announce that Purolator has reached a tentative agreement with the unanimous endorsement of the Teamsters' bargaining team.

      As a result, we are returning to normal operations. Effective immediately, the company has lifted its temporary service suspension, a precautionary measure that we implemented on March 28 to protect customers from being negatively impacted by a possible strike.

      We apologize for any inconvenience. As we resume normal services at Purolator, we are focused on getting back to providing full service to our customers as quickly as possible.


      Purolator Inc.
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