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TekSavvy and Other Independent ISPs to Cut Prices or Increase Speeds

TekSavvy and Other Independent ISPs to Cut Prices or Increase Speeds

By Simon Hung

You may get more bang for your buck in 2017 if you’re a customer with TekSavvy, or another third-party internet service provider, because some independent ISPs will be lowering their rates or increasing internet speeds!

The move comes as a result of a CRTC ruling from October 2016 that found wholesale high-speed access rates to be unreasonable. Nearly all independent ISPs resell broadband or cable services from Rogers or Bell and now that they can access the service at a lower rate, some are passing the savings onto their customers. There is a small catch, as the CRTC ruling is on an interim basis, so the savings may be changed once a regulator finalizes the ruling later this year.

TekSavvy and are two popular independent ISPs that have already cut prices, as many customers were notified in December via email of upcoming changes to their plans, with the new rates taking effect this month.

A 25/10 plan from with 300GB bandwidth now has unlimited bandwidth for the same price.

The savings will vary depending on your plan, but some customers saw their bill reduced by as much as $10.00 per month while others received bumps to internet speeds or bandwidth increases at no additional charge. For example, forum member SeeWhy2 was able to save $9.95 per month and get an extra 10 Mbps in download speed from Start, while Dpack22 will be saving $9.00 and getting a 5 Mbps bump from TekSavvy. New customers will also benefit, as many plans have been updated with lower prices or higher bandwidth.

On the other hand, don’t expect to see any savings if you’re with one of the Big Three (Rogers, Bell or TELUS), since they own the infrastructure and do not save money with the CRTC ruling. In fact, Bell will be increasing their home internet packages by $5.00 and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Rogers or TELUS follow suit. Nonetheless, more competition is always a good thing and it’s refreshing to see companies lower rates for a change.

Let us know if you’ll be paying a lower internet bill or if you're with another internet service provider that we didn't mention that is doing the same!


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