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IKEA to Release a New Line of Phone-Charging Furniture

IKEA to Release a New Line of Phone-Charging Furniture

By Kate Musgrove

IKEA is releasing a new line of charging furniture this month in Europe. It will arrive in Canada this August. It's pretty basic Qi technology supported by about 80 mobile phones and many more mobile accessories. I could see it being really handy on a nightstand or bedside table and indeed, most of the offerings are small tables and lamps. They also have standalone charging pads (that basically look like oversized wooden coasters).

While laying your phone down on the surface indeed happens wirelessly, all of these units need to be plugged in, of course. So you're cutting down on some tabletop cord clutter, but you're certainly not going cord-free. And in the case of the standalone charging pads, you're plugging something in and then setting your phone on top of it to charge, which to me doesn't feel appreciably different than plugging something in and then connecting it to your phone to charge -- although you can charge multiple items with some of the larger charging pads.

No exact pricing for Canada has been released yet, but prices in the US are $70 for the Varv Table Lamp and $60 or $110 for the nightstands. The standalone charging pads start at $28 (for a pad that can charge a single device) up to $65 (for a pad that can charge up to three devices).


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