STEAM Steam: BIT.TRIP Collection 2012 $11.98 US (Reg. $47.94 US) Steam: BIT.TRIP Collection 2012 $11.98 US

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It's hard for us to pass up a good deal from Steam and they've got another bundle of highly rated games on sale for a limited time. For the next 10 days, you can purchase the BIT.TRIP Collection 2012 on sale for $11.98 US which isn't a bad price considering the bundle is around $48 US when not on sale. The bundled games include:

  • Bit.Trip.Beat Soundtrack
  • Bit.Trip.Runner Soundtrack
  • Bit.Trip.Core Soundtrack
  • Bit.Trip.Void Soundtrack

Full details and game play videos can be found here if you're not too sure if you should take part in the sale. We don't expect future Steam sales to discount the games even further, so your best bet would be to buy and enjoy them now instead of waiting around for a similar or potentially even worse promotion later.

The promotion ends on May 20. You'll need the Steam client to download and install.


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