Sony Entertainment Network PlayStation Plus December 2018 Lineup: Get ONRUSH, SOMA, Papers, Please + More for FREE Get ONRUSH + More for FREE with PS Plus!

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Head off-road and test your racing prowess in December, because ONRUSH is one of six games available for free with the PlayStation Plus free games lineup for December 2018!

All six free PS Plus games can be added to your library through the online PlayStation Store or through the PlayStation Store app on your console. We've listed every free game below.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation 4

  • ONRUSH (regularly $79.99)
  • SOMA (regularly $29.99)

PlayStation Vita

These games are available for free starting December 4 at 11:00 AM EST until January 1 at 10:59 AM EST. All free games are accessible for as long as you have a PS Plus membership if you add them to your library before the monthly deadline.


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    • Pretty weak month. Oh well, lots of Black Friday purchased games for me to play.
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    • I'm maddo scientist... IS SO COOL! Sonofabitch

      SOMA and Steins;Gate are fantastic. Otherwise meh.
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    • Soma is a fantastic game, for people who haven't tried it before. Excellent atmosphere, and great story. There's some annoying survival parts where you have to run away from a monster with no weapons to save yourself with, but you can turn that off if you want to be spared those 3-4 annoying sections of the game. I know it's not for everybody, but despite being very little known about, it's actually a great game.

      Onrush is also fun. It wasn't worth 80 bucks by any stretch of the imagination, but as a freebie that's less than a year old, it's ok.

      I'll also give a big thumbs up for Steinsgate. It's a visual novel, so yeah, not for everybody. But it's a fantastic game, with a really good story if you stick with it and forgive the odd moment of anime cringe (Tuturoooo!). I loved it when I played it on Vita a few years back, and it's not the kind of game I play a lot of. I'm a bit surprised they're giving it away, given that Steinsgate Elite is coming out next year (a remake of this game), but either way...I highly recommend it for anybody who is into this kind of game and somehow hasn't played the game yet.

      This is a bad month for people who just want shooters and action games. But for people who want story-based games, it's actually pretty good, with some sleeper hits in the mix.
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    • Great month!

      SOMA is fantastic, or at least it was on the PC, and I'm sure that the PS4 version is no different.

      I almost purchased a used copy of ONRUSH for ~$30 from the Amazon Warehouse Deals section, but ultimately passed on it.

      Now having it included as a PS+ game is perfect timing!
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    • PS Plus is life support for mulitplayer games that priced themselves too high to grow a userbase.

      I bet On Rush has DLC coming out that they want to try and sell, it's been par the course so far with PS Plus multiplayer games.
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    • Up voting for Steins;Gate. Anyone know if I can put it on my vita to play?
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    • Soma is a superb game, great atmosphere, good writing, interesting concept. Atmospheric sci-fi horror. Be okay with the pacing though - it's more of a relaxed experience.
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    • To me this ia an incredible month. I've heard great things about SOMA and have been wanting to pick up Iconoclasts since it was released. Papers, Please also looks quite good. All around a solid month.
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    • Almost bought Onrush a few times over various sales. Yay me :)
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    • Akizuki wrote:
      Nov 28th, 2018 12:06 pm
      Up voting for Steins;Gate. Anyone know if I can put it on my vita to play?
      It didn't say cross buy, so i don't think so. But Sony has been errors before, so we'll check again Dec 4
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    • Meh🤨 ty anyways Op.
      Games don't seem to be anything of value to be mind boggled for but I'll still download em and put in library for long cloudy forecasts in the future.
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    • I haven't played SOMA or even heard of it, but based on that trailer vid, it looks like Bioshock
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    • Nice at On Rush. Was looking at that already and have been tempted.

      Soma is a good one.

      I was curious about Papers Please, so nice to have that on my poor Vita :)
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    • Iconoclast is good, I recommend playing that. The story is quite dark and I had one big issue with the story. Overall a pretty memorable game. I still think about it.
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    • omg why no Steins;Gate for PS4!
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    • Wow, this is the best month in a while! All the PS4 and Vita games are ones that I've wanted to play but haven't gotten around to yet.

      These are all critically-acclaimed, interesting games. No crappy shovelware here.
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    • baseline wrote:
      Nov 28th, 2018 1:20 pm
      Do do doo~
      Correction: It's Tutturuuuu.
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