Oculus Oculus: Oculus Rift VR Headset Bundle with Touch Controllers $549.00 with No Tax (regularly $819.00) Oculus Rift VR Bundle with Touch Controllers $549!

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Dive into the world of virtual reality with this offer from Oculus, because you can get an Oculus Rift VR headset bundle with two touch controllers for $549.00 (regularly $819.00) with no tax and free shipping, for a total savings of $270.00!

For comparison, the same bundle is currently $549.99 at Amazon.ca and Best Buy, but Oculus doesn't charge tax, which means you can save up to an additional $71.50 in taxes, depending on your province.

The perfect bundle for anyone looking to get into VR gaming, this bundle also includes seven free games -- Dead & Buried, Dragon Front, Lucky’s Tale, Medium, Quill, Robo Recall and Toybox. Full bundle contents include:

  • Oculus Rift VR headset with integrated headphones
  • Two Oculus Touch controllers
  • Two Oculus sensors
  • Constellation tracking stand
  • Wireless media remote
  • Xbox One Wireless Controller and Wireless Adapter for Windows
  • All necessary cables, including HMD 2-in-1 cable, tracking camera sensor cable and USB extender cable
  • Two AA batteries
  • Rift carrying case
  • Cleaning cloth

A modern computer is highly recommended in order to run VR games and content smoothly -- click here to view Oculus' minimum and recommended computer specifications.

This bundle is available for a limited time only. All Oculus bundles mentioned are eligible for free shipping from their respective retailers, though delivery times may vary depending on availability.


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    • I just placed an order and received an email saying "Applicable shipping, taxes and duties will be added to and charged in your payment upon shipment of the unit." so that means there will be tax, customs and shipping charges?
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    • never tried this out, but have always wanted to. Does bestbuy or anywhere else offers demos?
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    • Great price but I don't have another $2K to build a PC to run it :(
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    • Totoriko wrote:
      Jul 10th, 2017 8:58 am
      Great price but I don't have another $2K to build a PC to run it :(
      Same boat here ... wish they had a nice combo deal
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    • tempta wrote:
      Jul 10th, 2017 9:02 am
      Not really, this is a better deal, since Oculus doesnt charge tax
      It does state that taxes will be charged once the item is shipped.
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    • [quote=lyricidal post_id=27983744 time=1499692548 user_id=1366688]
      Same boat here ... wish they had a nice combo deal

      with the games available.. 2k is way too much for playing this. youll most likely run 95% of the titles with a 800.00 computer. if you want to future proof that;s another thing
      i have a r9 fury with 16gb ram and 6700 k and i can run a lot of games on vorpx as well.
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    • All Ryzen processors are certified by Oculus and you can get a 470 for cheap. ASW helps in smoothing over the bumps on a lower end spec'd system. All in would be about 600 bucks for the system.
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    • Can someone confirm there's no taxes from the Oculus store? Been sitting on the fence for awhile now to try this or the Vive out, price is just about right.
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    • I went ahead and ordered from Oculus. 549. If they try to charge me more I will cancel/return.
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    • wildzero wrote:
      Jul 10th, 2017 8:47 am
      never tried this out, but have always wanted to. Does bestbuy or anywhere else offers demos?
      You should, it's a blast!

      Best Buy in Ottawa (Merivale) had Oculus demos that you could sign up for a couple of months ago. I was lucky enough to be in the store when they were running it, and just jumped on. I played Robo Recall, which is a great one to try, if you are a fan of the shooters. I suspect the Oculus rep comes back every so often to put on the demos.

      There are a couple of VR Lounges in Ottawa, that use HTC Vives. It makes a lot of sense to pay $25-$40 an hour to give the VR tech a good demo before investing on a whole rig to run it. I like the fact that the Vive has the external sensors to track your movement. This might not be practical for every gaming space though. I preferred the Oculus controllers.

      Hopefully one of them will work with the XBox One X. I could justify spending a grand on a VR setup of some kind, but probably not much more than that. Until then, I'll just hit a VR lounge to get my fix. :)
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    • I bought it when it was 818 for both and got the same email. They never charged tax, customs or shipping.
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    • I want this so bad... THIS is the sweet spot price we needed
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    • Really good deal.

      I haven't really followed the VR competition though, is the Vive worth waiting on?
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    • I bought.....hope I don't regret
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    • Dearest Gaben, pls match.
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    • With 3 Sensors, the touch controllers are more advanced and support finger gestures, BUT otherwise to get to that level of tracking parity with Vive you need to spend another 80 dollars on another Oculus Sensor as the touch bundle only comes with 2 for a basic stationary setup or "experimental 360 degree experience" due to how the tracking works on Oculus. so realistically a full Oculus setup will be about 630 dollars which is less than half of the final Vive cost after shipping and tax on the Vive store.
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    • Bought as well. Thanks OP
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