Epic Games Epic Games Connect and Save: Get a $14.00 Epic Coupon for FREE When You Subscribe to Epic Games Emails Get a $14 Epic Games Coupon for FREE!

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Treat yourself to a discount at Epic Games, where you'll get a $14.00 Epic Coupon for free when you subscribe to Epic Games emails.

An Epic Games account is required to claim the coupon – simply log into your account and head to your account settings, then check the box to subscribe to Epic Games newsletters.

Once complete, the $14.00 coupon will be delivered to your account inventory page within 24 hours. If you're already subscribed to Epic Games emails, the coupon will be added automatically.

The coupon itself is redeemable at the Epic Games Store with purchases of $20.99 or more. Note that while the Connect and Save promotion page indicates a $10.00 coupon, Canadians will receive a $14.00 coupon to account for currency conversion.

This offer is effective from October 15 to November 15 and all coupons are valid during the same timeframe.

Posted September 28: Get 2064 Read Only Memories for FREE, September 28 Only

Add a new game to your library, because Epic Games is offering 2064: Read Only Memories for free through the end of the day!

2064: Read Only Memories is a single-player game that merges old-school adventure gaming with modern storytelling to explore some of the social challenges we will face in the near future. you'll team up with Turing, the world’s first sapient machine, to unmask a conspiracy that will shake the foundations of Neo-San Francisco.

2064: Read Only Memories normally sells for $21.99, but you'll be able to get it for free, today only. You'll need an Epic Games account to claim your game via the Epic Games Launcher on Windows.

This freebie is available until September 28 at 12 AM only, so be sure to claim it before it's too late! If you add the game to your library before the deadline, it'll be yours to keep forever.


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    • Is there a minimum spend?
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    • cstriker045 wrote: Is there a minimum spend?
      What is considered an eligible game purchase for this Epic Coupon?
      Any full game on the Epic Games Store with a price of $14.99 and up (or local equivalent). Epic Coupons do not work on pre-purchases, add-ons, virtual currency, or in-game purchases. We have a handy conversion chart with supported currencies in our full FAQ.
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    • Soyabeaner wrote: Website states $10 coupon, not $14.
      That is USD. The minimum spend is 20.99 CDN and the coupon is for $14 CDN. (Local Equivalent).
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    • Too bad epic games doesn’t carry factorio :(
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    • thanks! Good to spend on back 4 blood.
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    • Good for buying some games that don't typically go on sale.. Or exclusives.

      Like kena bridge of spirits, or some of the kingdom hearts, or mmo: sword of legends online.
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    • hoping to stack this with a sale on rdr2.. should have done it last time when it was on sale for $53 - $14
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    • Whatcha y'all buying fam? 🤠
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    • KT2312 wrote: Whatcha y'all buying fam? 🤠
      Waiting to see how I can optimize my cheapness to quality game ratio when Halloween sale begins!
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    • Got it already, thanks OP!

      Eyeing Humankind to go on sale and stack the coupon. It recently rolled out on GeForce Now. Been missing Civ a lot since they took it down from GFN.
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    • This also works on Brazil accounts, I checked the opt in and the coupon appeared in Epic client instantly. R$40 off R$59.99

      Don't forget to grab your freebie while you're logged in, Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse right now.
      KT2312 wrote: Whatcha y'all buying fam? 🤠
      Far Cry 6 is tempting at just under $48 CAD after Brazil pricing + coupon. Anyone know a better deal for Far Cry 6?
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    • poorwingman wrote: hoping to stack this with a sale on rdr2.. should have done it last time when it was on sale for $53 - $14
      Hmm that’s a good idea.

      Not a horror fan so the Halloween sale will be useless for me. May be I will finally get rdr2 for PC, was quite fun on console.
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    • I've bought 3 games from EPIC so far....man I feel bad but...haha.....I'll enjoy my 150+ free games. I know they are all doing well.
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    • Thanks OP!

      Picked up Timberborn with this, looks super unique and wanted a bit of a zen/chill game to enjoy.
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    • Perfect timing - Jackbox 8 just came out today!
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    • SirVicksalot wrote: Perfect timing - Jackbox 8 just came out today!
      It came out yesterday. Wow are you super wrong :P haha

      That's probably what I'm gonna use this for :)
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    • Only good until November 16th. Not that I need more games after getting literally hundreds for free over the years. But thanks...
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    • Just saying, Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 is $14.99! 😎
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