Where to Buy a PRESTO Card in Canada Here are the Best Places to Buy a PRESTO Card!

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If you're looking for a handy way to get around many of Ontario's largest communities, PRESTO is the way to go. The handy smart fare card has been rolling out in many parts of the province since 2015, with Toronto's TTC fully adopting it starting in 2017.

As of 2022, PRESTO cards can be used for travel on:

  • Brampton Transit
  • Burlington Transit
  • Durham Region Transit
  • GO Transit
  • HSR (Hamilton Street Railway)
  • MiWay
  • Oakville Transit
  • TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)
  • UP Express
  • York Region Transit

Where can PRESTO Cards be Purchased?

PRESTO cards can be purchased from a variety of locations, making it convenient for anyone looking to pick up a new card.

Online- Visit the PRESTO website directly to purchase a new card. You can then directly load funds or purchase a transit pass. You'll need to allow time for your new card to arrive in the mail.

Fare Vending Machines- These machines are located in all TTC Subway Stations (but may not be placed at every entrance). You can purchase a new card, add funds, or check your balance.

Ticket Vending Machines- Located in select GO Transit and UP Express stations.

Customer Service Outlets*- These are often offices or desks in select locations (such as the TTC Customer Service Centre near Davisville Station) where you can purchase a new card or transit pass. Click here for a to find a customer service outlet near you.

Select Retail Stores- As of 2022, new PRESTO cards can be purchased in-person at select locations of the following stores:

*If you choose to purchase your card at a Customer Service Outlet or at a Shoppers Drug Mart, you are able to set your fare type (such as child, student, post-secondary student, etc.). Note that you'll need to provide identification such as proof of age or a student card to set select fare types. Click here to find a Customer Service Outlet or participating retail store near you.

How Much do PRESTO Cards Cost?

PRESTO cards are available for a $6.00 activation fee. You're then required to load a new card with a minimum of $0.05, except PRESTO cards purchased from Fare Vending Machines at TTC subway stations will instead require a minimum $5.00 load.


If you're looking to save a bit more money on travel, look into whether or not you qualify for special fare types, such as:

  • Child: 6-12 years of age
  • Student/Youth: 13-19 years of age
  • Post-Secondary Student: enrolled as a full-time student
  • Senior: 65 years of age or older

You can set special fare types to your PRESTO card by visiting a participating Shoppers Drug Mart or one of your transit agency's Customer Service Outlets. Note that ID or proof of age is required to set the fare.

Once you've purchased a PRESTO card, it's worth heading online to create a My PRESTO account. My PRESTO accounts provide a number of benefits including:

  • Balance Protection: If you lose your card, you can cancel it and transfer funds to a new card
  • Autoload: You can set up your card to automatically add funds when your balance falls below a certain amount
  • Autorenew: Automatically set up and renew passes on your card every month
  • Manage Multiple Cards: You can manage up to 10 PRESTO cards on one account

There's a lot to learn about PRESTO, and rules may vary by transit commission. Visit the PRESTO website for more information, or take a look at our ongoing PRESTO forum thread!


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