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Need to get to or from Calgary this month? This coupon offer from WestJet.com can help save you a little money on your flights.

When you book by July 5 for travel through July 31, you'll save 10% on your WestJet flights to and from Calgary (within Canada). To redeem, enter the promo code WJC62 and coupon code F6JAVWL when booking your qualifying flights online.

Discount will be applied to the base fare, excluding taxes, fees, and charges. For more information or to book your flights, visit WestJet.com by Friday, July 5.


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    • Travel between Canada and Calgary? I dont get it. Isnt Calgary IN Canada? How can you travel between the two? Dont they mean travel between Canadian CITIES and Calgary? Who on earth is their marketing head, lol?
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    • I'm assuming Calgary and any other city in Canada (ie not international)?
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    • Meh, I'd rather stay in Canada...
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    • killbillvol1 wrote:
      Jul 3rd, 2013 9:33 am
      Meh, I'd rather stay in Canada...
      With that attitude, we'd prefer it if you stayed away as well.
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    • Stryker wrote:
      Jul 3rd, 2013 2:44 am
      Promo Code

      Book your WestJet flight and save.

      Save and extra 10%* for travel between Canada and Calgary.
      Do you need a passport to travel from Canada to Calgary? And I thought it was Quebec that was separating.
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    • lol, doesn't even take 10% off the fee, charges. $98 discount on 2 tickets @ $1190
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    • You guys don't know...Calgary has been declared a separate country :razz: (By Westjet Canada)
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