Walmart Pre-Order the Baby Yoda Animatronic Figure Now Pre-Order the Baby Yoda Animatronic Figure Now!

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"I would like to see own the baby."

Get first dibs on the newest Baby Yoda toy at, because Hasbro's animatronic Baby Yoda figure is available to pre-order now for $69.97!

Originally announced on February 20, Walmart's pre-order price is slightly lower than the Canadian MSRP of $69.99 and as of March 3, they're the only Canadian retailer with pre-orders available -- for reference, pre-orders went live at on February 21, but their stock sold out in less than 48 hours. A few bells and whistles include:

  • Features over 25 different motion and sound combinations inspired by The Mandalorian
  • Touch the top of the head to activate sound effects, including happy and excited, giggles and babbles, tired and sleeping, and Force effects
  • Features motorized movements, including a head that moves up and down, ears that move back and forth, eyes that open and close
  • Pat the head three times for Force activation, which makes Baby Yoda raise its arm, close its eyes and sigh, as if using the Force
  • Lay Baby Yoda down and it will close its eyes and take a “Force nap”
  • Includes a removable Mandalorian pendant necklace and premium soft goods robe

For the uninitiated, The Child (more affectionately known as Baby Yoda) is a character from The Mandalorian on Disney+ who has quickly become a Star Wars fan-favourite and worldwide phenomenon thanks to his adorable appearance and several meme-worthy scenes -- click here to sign-up for a free Disney+ seven-day trial to see for yourself.

The Baby Yoda Animatronic Figure is scheduled to be released this fall and qualifies for free shipping from


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