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Become the Holiday Armadillo and find the perfect gift for Friends fans at Indigo, because the LEGO Ideas Central Perk set is available now for $89.99 with free shipping!

Originally released in September 2019 as a LEGO Shop exclusive, this popular set is now available at other stores and for reference, Indigo is the only retailer currently with stock, as the set is sold out at the LEGO Shop and Walmart.

This 1070-piece set commemorates the 25th anniversary of Friends and features the iconic Central Perk café, complete the Friends' go-to seating area, a stage for Phoebe to perform Smelly Cat, a brick poster with Joey wearing Ichiban (Lipstick for Men) and seven new minifigures with accessories inspired by the show:

  • Chandler Bing with a laptop
  • Phoebe Buffay with a guitar
  • Monica Geller with a muffin
  • Ross Geller with a keyboard
  • Rachel Green with a serving tray and coffee cup
  • Joey Tribbiani with a purse "man bag" and pizza
  • Gunther with a broom

Perfect for anybody who doesn't share food or practitioners of Unagi, this set is available online only and all orders placed before December 18 will arrive before Christmas.


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