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Pivot to to find some fun, because the LEGO Ideas Central Perk set is back in stock for $79.99 (regularly $89.99) with free shipping -- a savings of $10.00!

Originally released in September 2019, this 1070-piece set commemorates the 25th anniversary of Friends and features the iconic Central Perk set, complete with a service counter, the Friends' go-to seating area, a stage for Phoebe to perform Smelly Cat and even a brick poster with Joey wearing Ichiban (Lipstick for Men). For comparison, the same set is currently $89.99 at the LEGO Shop and

In addition, seven exclusive LEGO minifigures are included, each with unique accessories inspired by the show:

  • Chandler Bing with a laptop
  • Phoebe Buffay with a guitar
  • Monica Geller with a muffin
  • Ross Geller with a keyboard
  • Rachel Green with a serving tray and coffee cup
  • Joey Tribbiani with a purse "man bag" and pizza
  • Gunther with a broom

The perfect gift for Friends fans or anybody who understands the importance of unagi, this deal is available for a limited time. offers free shipping for all Prime members or on orders over $35.00 for those who aren't members.

While this item was in stock at the listed price at the time this deal was posted, Amazon practices dynamic product replacement -- once their stock of an item is depleted, it may be replaced with the same item sold by a third-party retailer for a different price. Double-check that the listed price and shipping fees we posted are still available before you buy.


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