Wind Mobile Wind Mobile: Unlimited Data, Province-Wide Talk and Global Text $33/month (Limited Time!) Wind Mobile $33/month Unlimited Plan (Ends 9/30)

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Back to school shopping doesn't just end at laptops and stationary as telecom companies often trot out new, limited time plans aimed at students without adding to their overall mountain of debt. Right now, Wind Mobile has a $33/month Back to School Plan which includes the following features:

  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Province-Wide Talk
  • Unlimited Global Text
  • Reduced International Calling Rates at $0.01/minute
  • Call Control Features

If you're looking to move away from your current provider, or just think this plan provides more value per dollar than what you're getting, you have until September 30 to take advantage of the pricing. While Wind Mobile might not have the reach of the Telus, Rogers or Bell, if you're situated in the Wind Home zones most of the time, there's lots of value here as a similar plan from the Big 3 will cost much more than $33/month.

The promotion is live now but ends September 30.


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    • not bad. I would switch to it from the 30$ wind plan but they want a 25$ processing fee which is crap.
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    • Can somebody tell me what makes this better than the regular $30 wind plan, apart from world-wide texting?

      Thanks :)
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    • Looks like Wind's losing the competition....most other providers now have unlimited Canada Wide (Virgin for example) with no zone/areas to deal with.

      Also agree with darksideleader with $8 voicemail, admin fees, etc.... I was on pay-your-way (Wind's pay-as-you-go) and forgot to topup before the expiry date. Now they want me to pay for a new SIM ($25+admin fees) to reactivate. If you take a SIM bought from ebay, the store wont activate it. There is flexibility with other providers, and for pay as you go, there is atleast a three month window before they de-activate for non top-ups
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    • @Ismality There is no difference, except for the Unlimited global texting.

      Source: I called them. :)
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    • @ismality

      US LD calls are 5cents a min as to the the 20cents on the 30 plan. Canadian LD on both plans are still 20c a min which is funny.

      This plan is not really "back to school" but "hey, we negotiated some great rates with US carriers".

      There are ways to get voice mail free, look up the RFD forums. I port forward calls to my textnow number when i'm busy.
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    • They want a $25 processing fee if you are already on a more expensive plan aka the $40 version of this plan. Guess what, in 4 months you've recovered this cost. Boo hoo. IF you'r[e on a less expensibe plan there's NO processing fee.

      Also, NO carrier will activate "a SIM bought from ebay". Try that trick with Rogers, Telus or AT&T and see how far you get, brainiac.
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    • Free VM can be had using, this is what I am using with my $30 Wind plan. With an Android phone, you can forward unanswered calls to your number and it will record the caller's message. Freephoneline in turn will send you an email with the attached message in MP3 format which you can listen to.
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