McDonalds McDonald's: Get Pokémon Cards with McDonald's Happy Meals in Canada Get Pokémon Cards with McDonald's Happy Meals!

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Help your kids catch 'em all this summer at McDonald's, where Pokémon cards are back with Happy Meal orders in Canada.

Simply order any Happy Meal in-restaurant or through the McDonald's Canada app (Android, iOS) and you can choose your Pokémon-themed toy – this year, you can get a booster pack with four Pokémon trading cards or a Pokémon Essential Handbook with facts and activities to help kids become Pokémon masters.

There are a total of 15 Pokémon cards to collect for 2022, including Bewear, Chinchou, Cutiefly, Drampa, Flaaffy, Growlithe, Gossifleur, Lapras, Ledyba, Pangoro, Pikachu, Rowlet, Smeargle, Tynamo and Victini, along with two Pokémon Essential Handbooks. In addition, a Pokémon coin and spinner toy will be included with all Happy Meals throughout the event.

This marks the second consecutive year McDonald's has offered Pokémon-themed toys with Happy Meals, after originally launching the collaboration in 2021.

Pokémon cards are available with Happy Meals for a limited time at participating McDonald's restaurants in Canada – click here to find the location nearest you.


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