Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre Vaughan Mills: FREE Shuttle from Union Station to Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre FREE Shuttle from Union Station to Vaughan Mills!

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Spend a day shopping at Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre and leave the car at home, because their free Vaughan Mills Shopping Shuttle is back for 2019!

The complimentary shuttle will run between Union Station and the mall in the summer from June 1 to September 30, then again over the holiday season from November 29 to December 26 (excluding Christmas Day).

The 55-seat shuttle makes two trips per day, departing Union Station (123 Front Street West) at 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM, then returning from Vaughan Mills at 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

To reserve a seat, register with a City Tours Attractions representative at Union Station -- reservation bracelets will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis starting at 8:30 AM each day.


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    • I went today and both departure times was full. They only had one bus for each of the departures and had to turn quite a few people away.

      The driver wasn't sure if they will add another bus for the weekends- I guess that depends on demand. I would advise people to arrive early just in case.

      Today was the first operating day this year for the shuttle so all passengers received a vinyl gift bag. It was a nice unexpected surprise.

      Items in the bag: 1 $20 VM gift card
      2 chocolate covered pretzel sticks
      3 pairs of shoelaces
      1 sneaker keychain
      1 bottle of VM labelled spring water
      1 box of tissues with packaging resembling the VM shuttle bus
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    • Also note they advertise free wifi on bus but it never works haha
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    • I only went on this bus in 2016 but it's worthwhile to try to get on the bus list at least one hour or so before departure.
      Best way to see Vaughan Mills if you don't or won't drive to the mall.
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    • Good way to leave the Big Schitty of TO!
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    • they should have ended the subway from highway 7 to Vaughan Mills which has room to be a large transit hub.
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    • free bus? i don't mind taking it😄
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    • Awesome! Love Vaughan Mills!
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    • I am planning to go there today. Cam someone please confirm, the shuttle timings who has recently used it. I see two shuttles 10am and 1pm, but not sure since the info is not available on the site anymore.
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