15 GB Cloud Storage for Free! 15 GB Cloud Storage for Free!

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Cloud storage is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to physical hard drives but yearly prices still have people on the fence about subscriptions. Right now, though, has a sweet freebie where you can get 15 GB free just for signing up. The previous offer wasn't as good, as it was only 5 GB, so now's a good time to sign up and make use of that digital storage.

You can never have too many backups so we'd definitely take advantage of this deal regardless if you'll use it or not. As mentioned above, hard drive prices are still pretty expensive so you might want to make due with some free alternatives until you see a good deal on a larger, physical drive.

With no size limits, no viewing restrictions and plenty of privacy options, there's no reason not to jump on this freebie.


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    • I signed up for the 10 gb deal a while back (?) and it worked fine for a second, and then hung on one file for a week and did not report files that had synched to the cloud to my at home client. I just uninstalled it. Hope they have made improvements!
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    • Why is it "They" never mention how big of a file one can upload . All "They" ever mention is how much space is free . Yeah its nice to have free space but its not that good if you can't upload anything to big
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    • Not sure how good Box is compared to Dropbox or Google Drive but they have a promotion on for LG phone owners. If you bought an LG phone in the past year and you install the app you get a 50GB account free for life.

      I know a lot of people purchased Nexus 4s, so if you did, check out Box and get 50GB for free.
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    • Doesn't support Mac Snow Leopard. And it's now only 15 GB free.

      Clean cup. Move down.
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    • This isnt a deal at all, if you follow someomes referal link you get 20gb and its been 15gb for at least a year now.

      Here is a referal link: https :// ?r= kFEnN8
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    • is closing down. Take this listing off!
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