Apple Apple: GarageBand, iMovie and iWork Apps are now FREE for iOS and macOS GarageBand, iMovie and iWork Apps are now FREE!

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Create music, edit movies and make documents seamlessly across your Apple devices with this offer from Apple, because GarageBand, iMovie and the iWork suite of productivity apps are now FREE!

Previously, these apps were only free to users who purchased a new Apple device after 2013, but now they're free across the board, making this offer most notable for those with older-generation hardware or second-hand devices. Both iOS and macOS versions are eligible with this offer and we've listed each app below.



There's no expiration to this offer, as this new pricing is permanent. All apps are available for download via the App Store for iOS or macOS.


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    • This deal is useless. You need to have IOS 10 to DL the software above. So if you have an old ipad that cannot have IOS 10, you are out of luck. So in the end you need to buy new device. Apple wins.
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    • Thanks, Apple. Awesome for students like me to have such programs for the purpose of researches and stuff.
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