Honda Canada Honda 2017 Model Clearout: Up to $4000.00 Cash Incentive with Select 2017 Vehicles Up to $4000 Incentive with Select 2017 Vehicles!

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The 2017 Model Clearout Event continues at Honda Canada and you can help them prepare for 2018 buy getting up to a $4000.00 cash incentive or up to a $2500.00 Honda bonus with select 2017 vehicles!

Offers will vary by province -- choose your province to view the lease, finance and cash incentive offers available in your region. We've listed the current offers available for Ontario residents below.

These offers are effective until October 31 on new in-stock vehicles. Cash incentives and lease or finance bonuses will be deducted from the final negotiated price after taxes. See your Honda dealer for more details -- click here to find the dealership nearest you.


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