Nestlé Nestle Baby Program Freebies: Backpack, Change Pad, Free Samples, Guides & More Nestle Baby Program Freebies

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We covered this offer a long time ago, but some expecting mothers in the office had us thinking about this again. Nestle offers a Baby Program with a ton of great freebies for new and expecting families. It's absolutely free to sign up! Here's a quick look at some of the things you can expect:
  • Nestle diaper bag and change pad
  • Free Samples and savings
  • Nestle Stay Health Baby Feeding Guide
  • customized emails with tips, videos, and more
In the past, users report receiving lots of great samples and coupons. It's a great off if you've got a new bundle of joy or one on the way!


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    • Similac has a pretty awesome welcome package too! A sample of their formula (worth about 15$) and a 10$ cheque towards your first purchase. They send you another 5$ a few weeks later too
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    • I think the best deal is breastfeeding (unless you're unable to do so, of course) - much, much cheaper, much more convenient, much healthier. It's hard to believe that formula is so prevalent!
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    • I signed up on June 15 and received my package in the mail yesterday! Got a pack of 8 ready-bottles of formula, a half size container of formula powder, and a pack of diapers (24 swaddlers), and the change pad, and the bag, and also a bottle with spare nipple. Great little starter kit to try out!
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    • I've signed up for this program awhile back (maybe in late April) and have yet to receive my free package. Everyone else (including my sister and cousins) have received theirs in the past. Am I doing something wrong?
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    • Yup. Breast Is Best.
      It's super convenient, far healthier on every level, and best of all, FREE!
      The reason "formula" still exists is because multinationals like Nestle make tonnes of money tell you otherwise.
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    • @MrFrugal1, or maaaybe, some people struggle with breastfeeding such as low supply or whatnot, hence formulas. What else would you suggest, starve the baby??
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    • got mine today. pack of 8 ready-bottles of formula, a half size container of formula powder, and the change pad, and the backpack.
      not sure when i signed up but it was months ago.
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    • i signed up in January and i ust got a package today (its march) it just had little travel size baby wipes and samples of their formula with some coupons. i am a little disappointed :(
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    • Nope.

      This is the exact kind of BS marketing tactic Nestlé has used for decades to get infant formula into the homes of poor or underprivileged mothers.

      Especially in places where formula use can lead to infant death.

      Midwives boycott Nestlé, and so should you. ... k-formulas
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