Apple Apple Store: Pre-order the Apple TV 4K NOW! Pre-order the Apple TV 4K Now!

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Easily stream content in 4K from all of your media sources with the Apple TV 4K, because it's available to pre-order now at the Apple Store!

The new Apple TV 4K is twice as fast as the previous generation and capable of streaming in 4K resolution with support for HDR colour, meaning content will look more vivid and vibrant on your screen. Many titles in the iTunes Store have been updated with 4K resolution and support from the Netflix and Amazon Prime Video apps will be coming soon! Apple TV can also act as a hub for HomeKit-compatible smart devices, meaning you can easily control lights, appliances and heating from your phone!

There are two storage capacities available for pre-order and we've listed them below.

Pre-orders will ship starting September 22, so pre-order early if you want to be 4K-ready on day-one! The Apple Store offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum.

While you wait, read our full roundup of their keynote address to learn more about the new iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and more!


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