Bath Depot Upflush Macerating Pump Toilet System Bathroom Anywhere - $889.00 ($100.00 Off) Upflush Macerating Pump Toilet System Bathroom Anywhere

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Give your family the convenience of an extra bathroom without having to undertake complex and expensive renovations to install new plumbing for a toilet. With BATHROOM ANYWHERE, you can install a new toilet practically anywhere in your home: it has a powerful macerator pump allowing you to install it directly on the house's existing plumbing. When flushing, the powerful Vortex macerator disintegrates waste quickly and quietly and then evacuates water waste through the house's main drain pipes. The pump's 0.8 HP motor ejects waste up to 18 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally, providing you with an efficient evacuation via the 1.25 inch outlet. Equipped with an anti-backflow device, the 18.5" x 7" x 11.5" insulated pump is easily accessible for maintenance without having to disconnect the piping thanks to the system's two-piece design. If necessary, the side of the pump can be removed while the tank remains connected to the plumbing. With a 600-gram evacuation capacity, the set includes a 4.8L water tank and an 18.5-inch high round bowl with a soft-close seat. Easy to install, the BATHROOM ANYWHERE toilet offers you a simple solution to add a new bathroom to your home!

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