Canadian Tire Dewalt Dw0100 3/4-in Stud Sensor - $19.99 ($7.00 Off) Dewalt Dw0100 3/4-in Stud Sensor

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  • DEWALT DW0100 100 series Induction Stud Sensor features center-find technology to easily find the center ofthe stud, even when held at an angle.
  • Detection depth of 3/4 in. for wood and metal.
  • AC and live wire detection for added safety.
  • Constant auto-calibration to save time during use.
  • Center marking channel for added convenience.
  • Slim profile for easy use and storage.
  • Audible alert for clear notification of stud location.
  • Directional LED arrows for visual guidance to stud location.
  • Includes: AAA batteries.

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