WagJag WagJag: Esso Fuel Discount e-Card & e-Gift Card Bundle for $118 or Fuel Discount e-Card for $62 Esso Fuel Discount e-Card/e-Gift Card Bundle $118

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WagJag is running a few good deals on Esso Fuel Discount e-Cards (one is bundled with an Esso e-Gift Card)! They're worth checking out if you frequently fill up your gas tank. There are two options:
  • A $150.00 Esso Card Bundle for $118.00. It includes a $100.00 Fuel Discount Card (5 cents off per litre, up to 2,000 litres) plus a $50.00 Esso e-Gift Card
  • A $75.00 Fuel Discount e-Card (5 cents off per litre, up to 2,000 litres) for $62.00

The e-cards will be emailed to you 10-15 business days after purchase. They can be shared among family members and loaded into the Speedpass+ Mobile app. They do not expire. Esso e-Gift Cards are valid on everything at Esso including gas, car washes, snacks and other merchandise.


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    • Be advised! Esso claims to have an app for using the discount cards at the pump, however, reviews of the Android app are poor. Apparently, there are issues using the app. So, unless you want to go into the store to pay each time you fill up, you may want to pass on this offer.
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    • Fuel discount cards deals are really poor unless the card is given for free or almost for free. In this specific case: Required spend to take advantage of the savings:
      Gasoline 2,000 litres x 1.40 per liter = $2,800
      Actual cards $118
      Total $2,918
      Projected savings : $150 - $118 = $32 which represents approximately 1% of $2,918

      So to save 1 % on fuel you need to go through the trouble limiting yourself to Esso for the next 2000 litres and not to forget to use fuel discount card....
      Second scenario is even worse.
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    • Not worth standing in line inside the store. Shell has ¢3 off with airmiles and petro can does with an rbc visa. At the pump!
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    • These "deals" are horrid. Like above poster said, when it comes down to it you get next to no benefit. Esso gets to lock you in (and most likely, you will end up driving further to find an Esso, destroying any possible savings)
      An even worse scenario is that you lose the card along the way, and you actually lose a ton of money.
      Cards like this should be outright regulated out of existence. They trick people into believing that they are receiving some great savings, when in actuality they are giving Esso an interest free loan of your money.

      The same deal applies to cards that give you an extra three percent if you store over 100 bucks on the card. Why would anyone do that? That doesn't even cover the INTEREST you could make on that money if you invested it in literally any fund, lol. You're essentially guaranteeing a spending pattern at that store for NO benefit...
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    • Esso is the most expensive one in my area. Just by going to ultramar or husky its an instant 7-10c cheaper not to mention, the esso in whitby by kendalwood plaza refuses to take discount cards.
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