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Get your Christmas shopping started early this year; really early! From now until December 23, 2006, Samko Toys and Miko Toys will be a holding warehouse sales, where you can find anything from Fisher Price items to Lego to Crayola and more. The hours of the sale are as follows:
  • Wednesday: 10am - 4pm
  • Thursday: 10am - 8pm
  • Friday: 10am - 8pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 5pm
  • Sunday: 11am - 5pm
The Samko sale will be held at 11 Peel Ave, in Toronto, while the Miko sale will be held at 60 East Beaver Creek Rd. in Richmond Hill. You can find all the information you need here. Also check out their flyer if you want to have a look at what's available first. Thanks for the deal, convoluted!


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    • To those that are going this opening weekend, please post what are the best deals.
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    • Only three months until Christmas! This is a great place to go for toys. You won't need to go anywhere else.
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    • I went to the MIKO sale last week and as usual it was great. It's hard to post deals because there are so many. This place has everything from Barbie to Tonka to Harry Potter to Crayola. If you have any toys to buy for Christmas, I highly recommend you check this sale out! Here are some of their advertised specials:

      Top Corner Pro Hockey Game $55
      Fisher-Price Alpha Bus $14.95
      Hot Wheels Pavement Pounder $5
      Little Tikes Tender Heart Tea Party Kitchen $59.95
      Barbie Swan Lake Enchanted Castle $39.95
      Harry Potter World of Hogwarts Playset $5.95
      Dr. Suess Sticker Box $3
      Scooby Doo or Powder Puff Girls Bobble Head Game $8.95
      Play Doh Cookie Makin' Station $7.95
      Tonka Jumbo Motorized Hummer Vehicle $49.95 (they also have a Jeep and these things are amazing!!!)
      Case Logic 24-CD Wallets $2.95
      Huge Selection of Books and Colouring Books starting at $1
      Lots of Crayola sets between $7-$10
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    • Just came back from Miko up in Richmond Hill. A great place to shop for toys. Everyone came out with a bag or two. The toys aren't latest, but hey what do you expect but save some $$$.
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    • Thanks, and posted!
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    • Do these books include exercise books, study guides and workbooks??

      Or is it purely fiction? And in terms of fiction, are there any classic boxsets such as Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, A Wrinkle in Time etc??

      If anyone knows I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
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    • Bump for some great deals at Samko Sales in Toronto. The Toronto location is open for 2005 as of a few days ago. Some of the deals are listed at
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    • Bump for a great place to pick up some excellent toys for Xmas at very reasonable prices.
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    • Came back from my 3rd trip to the Richmond Hill are definitly not the latest... but they do have stuff to make kids of al age happy...definitly worth a visit
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    • Any Wiggles stuff? My kids are totally into the Wiggles right now and much of their toy line is discontinued already.
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    • What about this other toy warehouse on Steeles and Keeles (2270 Steeles Ave, Unit 2)? Have anyone been there yet? I never heard about them before but just got the flyer in my mailbox.
      I don't ve any kids myself but these toy warehouses are perfect to pick up some toys for the less fortunate kids. And I get to play with those toys too. What a deal !! :cheesygri
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    • link to richmond hill site doesn't seem to work. Can someone please tell me the exact location? thanks.
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    • i'd like to check it out.
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    • Curious. Has anyone been to both of the warehouses. Do they sell the same things or is one better than the other?
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    • gmark2000 wrote:Any Wiggles stuff? My kids are totally into the Wiggles right now and much of their toy line is discontinued already.
      What kind of Wiggles items are you looking for?
      The line isn't really discontinued as much as it is only smaller specialty stores buying it.
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    • A quick bump for a good place to pick up some last minute gift items for children before Christmas. Some information is available at
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    • The Samko/Miko toy warehouses are now open again, started this past Saturday.
      It will be open until December 23rd 2006.

      It appears that kids are now welcome to the Samko location as well as the Miko one. In addition, they have a 1st Annual London Toy Warehouse sale at Western Fair, Canada Building Nov 17 - Dec 3.

      Wed 10 - 4
      Thurs 10 - 8
      Fri 10 - 8
      Sat 10 - 5
      Sun 11 - 5

      There seems to be a lot of new stock rather than rehashed stock from previous years, at least when I went. Some scrapbooking stuff, larger items, etc.

      They have a pdf of their flyer online,

      Most notably, they have leapfrog computers for $20 each, which I though was quite a deal.
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    • Just a reminder that this is a recyled thread. The info in the 1st post is 2 years old :!:
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