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Here are this week's deals for Wacky Wednesday at IKEA. Remember, the prices are low but the deals are good on Wednesday only -- and quantities may be limited!

  • At IKEA North York, Micke Desk is $69 (down from $99) and the Orgel Vreten floor lamp is $17.99 (down from $39.99)
  • At IKEA Burlington, the IKEA Stockholm side table is $49 (down from $99) and the Vate Shade in assorted colours is $3 (down from $7)
  • At IKEA Calgary, the Lekman Box in Transparent is $4.99 (down from $15) and the Fredrik Desk is $49 (down from $99)
  • At IKEA Montreal, the IKEA Stockholm Bookcase is $129 (down from $299)
  • At IKEA Coquitlam, the PAX Malm sliding door pair is $160 (down from $320) and the Barnslig Randig pair of curtains is $14.99 (down from $29.99)
  • At IKEA Winnipeg, the Janette pair of curtains is $24.99 (down from $39.99) and the PAX Tonnes sliding doors are $140 (down from $440)
  • At IKEA Ottawa, the Engan Wardrobe is $99 (down from $199) and the Bislev rug is $14.99 (down from $39)
  • At IKEA Etobicoke, the IKEA Stockholm table is $49 (down from $99)
  • At IKEA Vaughan, the Skubb shoe box is $5.99 (down from $12.99)

This week, there are no offers listed for IKEA Richmond, IKEA Edmonton, or IKEA Boucherville.

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    • Who needs Wacky Wednesday here in Edmonski when they've got the Elmer (fudd) chair on for $35 and the Scrotum...oops...I mean Skarum carpet for 10 bucks.

      That chair deal is as cold as ice and the carpet could be used as a halloween costume :P
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