Home Depot Home Depot: 20% off any Orchid (Limit of 10 per Customer), December 28-January 2 20% off any Orchids

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The Home Depot Garden Club is back with another nice offer! Through Wednesday, January 2, you can get 20% off any Orchid. You can get up to 10 orchids per customer/per purchase so the coupon has quite a bit of value!

Selection will vary by store, and price will vary by market.


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      1. Scan all merchandise
      2. Scan the coupon barcode
      3. Total sale and collect payment
      4. Thank Customer for shopping
      at The Home Depot
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    • How is the selection of orchids at Home Depot? What are the price ranges?
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    • *wondering if there's such a problem with Canadian hoarding orchids in January that they felt the need to limit it to 10 per person?

      (no offense to orchid lovers)
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