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Spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore with help from, where you can shop viral and must-try spring cleaning essentials from brands including Scrub Daddy, The Pink Stuff and more.

We've picked 10 of the best spring cleaning products available at for you to try at home – all products listed are sold by and most qualify for free one-day delivery in Canada (where available).

RevoClean Scrub Brush Power Drill Attachment Kit, 4 Piece

  • Scrubbing can be an exhausting task, but it doesn't have to be with this RevoClean kit, which includes four scrubbing attachments that connect to any standard power drill for maximum scrubbing efficiency. The quick-change attachments come in soft or hard finishes to clean multiple surfaces including carpets, fiberglass, glass, marble, plastic, showers, tile, tubs, wood and more.

The Pink Stuff The Miracle Cream Cleaner

  • The Pink Stuff became world famous in 2021 after becoming a viral hit on TikTok, with rave reviews from CleanTok (cleaning TikTok) users claiming it to be a magical do-it-all miracle cleaner. This cream version is slightly different than the viral paste variant, but performs the same task of cleaning hard-to-remove stains in the kitchen and bathroom.

Scrub Daddy Colors Sponges, 3 Pack

  • Scrub Daddy became a household name way back in 2012 after appearing on Shark Tank, but the smiley face sponges frequently appear in viral cleaning compilations on social media. Scrub Daddy sponges are best known for their cute appearance and scratch-free texture-changing material – the sponges become soft in warm water and firm up in cold water for easier cleaning.

Groom Industries Icky Stick Pumice Stone

  • The bathroom is one of the more unpleasant cleaning tasks around the house, but the Icky Stick Pumice Stone makes it a little easier, especially if you have unsightly stains on your toilet, bathtub or shower. Made of 100% natural pumice, the Icky Stick easily removes hard-to-scrub stains on surfaces like porcelain and ceramic so you won't have to get too down and dirty.

TubShroom Drain Protector

  • The TubShroom is a small plastic doodad that attaches to your bathtub drain to collect hair before it goes down the drain. While the TubShroom isn't a direct cleaning product, it is a must-own for households with lots of hair (human or pet) to use as a preventative measure, as hair-clogged pipes can be a messy and potentially costly cleaning task if left unchecked.

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

  • Baked-on food can be one of the toughest cleaning jobs in the kitchen, but you can simplify the process with this OXO brush – a 2-in-1 tool that combines a scrubbing brush and a built-in soap dispenser. The replaceable brush heads are made with nylon bristles and you can easily dispense soap while scrubbing pots and pans with a top-mounted button.

Quickie Microfiber Dusting Mitt

  • Ditch the duster and become the duster with this Microfiber Dusting Mitt from Quickie. Inspired by automotive cleaning gloves, this reusable, dual-sided Dusting Mitt features a chenille surface on one side for dusting and a terrycloth microfiber surface on the other for wiping just about any surface around the house.

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, 4 Pack

  • Lysol Disinfecting Wipes have been one of the most sought-after items on RedFlagDeals over the past two years, mainly due to high early-pandemic demand. Thankfully, stock (and pricing) has stabilized as of early-2022 and the inexpensive wipes are extremely helpful to clean small messes anywhere in your home.

OXO Good Grips Metal Squeegee

  • A squeegee is one of those tools you don't think you need until you get one and this OXO Squeegee has become one of the most popular models on RedFlagDeals. Perfect for quickly cleaning the shower or mirrors in your bathroom, this OXO Good Grips Metal Squeegee features a stainless steel handle for extra durability and a premium aesthetic.

iRobot Roomba j7+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

  • Vacuuming can be boring, but you don't have to worry about it with the iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum. Perfect for the lazy or those who hate vacuuming, the j7+ can automatically vacuum your entire home on a schedule and empties itself for up to 60 days. It's also ideal for pet owners with the iRobot P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise), which guarantees that the Roomba j7+ will intelligently avoid pet waste or you'll get a replacement for free.

These products are available online for a limited time and offers free shipping for all Prime members or on orders over $35.00 for those who aren't members.

While these items were in stock at the listed prices at the time this deal was posted, Amazon practices dynamic product replacement – once their stock of an item is depleted, it may be replaced with the same item sold by a third-party retailer for a different price. Double-check that the listed price and shipping fees we posted are still available before you buy.


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