Bulk Barn Bulk Barn: 15% off on Sustainable Sundays 15% off on Sustainable Sundays at Bulk Barn

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Save the environment and your dollars with Sustainable Sundays at Bulk Barn.

Every Sunday, get 15% off regular priced bulk products purchased when using reusable containers or cloth bags that meet minimum standards (excluding carry-out shopping bags).

Clean your containers at home and ensure that they don't have any dirt, debris, rust, residual food, etc in containers that are free from chips, cracks, tears, holes, or stains. Paper and plastic bags (like coffee bags, spice bags, or convenience bags) are not acceptable for reuse, so ensure your containers or bags are food-safe, reusable, and can be sealed with a lid, drawstring, or clip closure. Containers must be made of a material that can be cleaned, washed, or sterilized like plastic, metal, ceramic, or cloth.

Upon arrival, the cashier will tare the weight of your container to ensure you're not charged for the weight of your container at checkout. When shopping, keep in mind that no product introduced into your container can be returned to the barrels or tubs and are considered final sale. At checkout, you'll receive 15% off all bulk items that are eligible.

Offer is available in-store only. Bulk Barn reserves the right to reject any containers that do not meet minimum standards.


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