IKEA IKEA Back to School Family Offers: BALKARP Futon $169, HEKTAR Wireless Charging Lamp $60, RENBERGET Swivel Chair $50 + More Get a RENBERGET Swivel Chair for $50 + More!

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Get a head-start on school shopping at IKEA this month, because you'll find Back to School deals available exclusively for IKEA Family members!

An IKEA Family membership is required to shop these deals, which are available at all IKEA stores in addition to store-specific IKEA Family offers of the month -- membership is free with perks including exclusive in-store deals, access to IKEA's Sell-Back program and more.

These IKEA Back to School Family Offers are effective until August 19 online, in IKEA stores and at Pick-up and Order Points. IKEA charges a flat-rate fee starting at $79.00 for delivery to addresses in select regions or $20.00 for delivery to a Pick-up and Order Point.

Before you shop, read our guide with tips on how to shop at IKEA like a pro!


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    • Have they stopped charging 50$ shipping on a 5lbs box yet? :)
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    • I just bought this 3 weeks ago at full price... Anyone know if Ikea does price adjustment?
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    • hamburgerd2 wrote:
      Jul 18th, 2019 9:13 am
      I just bought this 3 weeks ago at full price... Anyone know if Ikea does price adjustment?
      Yes, they do. Just bring your receipt to the return counter. If you don't have the original payment card with you, they can give a gift card.
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    • Just to confirm - this price only applies to shoppers with IKEA Family Member, correct?

      "By becoming a member, you'll have access to discounted member prices on selected IKEA products every month as well as information, great ideas and inspiration. Plus, IKEA FAMILY members receive a free coffee or hot tea anytime they shop. It's our way of saying thanks for visiting. And best of all... it's free to join."

      Also if you go look in the IKEA Family Member exclusive offers section then there are some deals specific to your IKEA location too.
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    • Yes, thats right!
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    • I happen to be going to ikea today to return something, but dont have the card with me, does anyone know if there is a way to manually input the id# when checking out?
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