TransUnion: $4.95 for the 1st Month of Credit Monitoring $4.95 for the 1st Month of Credit Monitoring

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Enjoy a special promotion at TransUnion with $4.95 for the first month of credit monitoring.

Get unlimited access to your Canadian credit score and report for $4.95 for the first month followed by $19.95 a month afterwards with the ability to cancel at any time. Be informed about your personal finances with reports on your credit, an analysis of both your credit and debt, and alerts around credit applications to prevent identity fraud.

Offer is available for a limited time only and not available in Quebec. Conditions apply so check site for details.

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    • I would never pay money for this service. I had free monitoring from a breach a little while ago and signed up. For the last couple of weeks the site has been saying "Temporary error: we are not able to obtain your credit info". Called their support and gave me some bs browser troubleshooting like clearing the cache. They said their engineering team is aware of it. Just asking me to check back in a few days. In the end I asked him outright "you have no idea when that can be fixed, do you?" and he said yes. That's it. If I had paid money for it, I would be so mad.

      Tried their password reset page and see if it makes a difference. The page does not even work. I am a developer for many years. Looking at how their page is set up, I think a college co-op would do a better job.
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