Popeyes Popeyes Canada New Daily Deals: 2-Piece Bonafide Chicken for $3.29, 5 Wings for $4, Cajun Poutine for $3.59 + More New Daily Deals

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Popeyes Canada has just introduced all new daily deals. If you're craving some delicious fried chicken, check out what deals you can get on which days:

  • Monday: 3 Louisiana Tenders for $4.99
  • Tuesday: 2 Piece Bonafide Chicken for $3.49
  • Wednesday: Any Sandwich for $4.99
  • Thursday: 3 Piece Bonafide Chicken for $5.29
  • Friday: Cajun Poutine - $3.69
  • Saturday: 5 Wings for $5.29
  • Sunday: 2 Chicken Minis for $4.29

If you're feeling extra hungry, add a regular drink or a regular side to these deals for an extra $1.29 each.

These deals are available at all Popeyes Canada locations. Click here to find the one closest to you.


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    • Main new thing is higher prices :-(
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    • Trueee higher prices same deal
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    • These are no longer deals. Remember, these do not come with anything, no fries, no biscuit, no nothing. KFC at least comes with fries.
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    • They just changed Friday to poutine...and the prices are higher? LOL.
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    • I like Popeys, but boo to Popeyes
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    • You save about 61cents max on any of the deals when compared to the combo. Often less. Great job Popeyes.
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