Pizza Hut Pizza Hut: Order Any Large Pizza at Regular Price and Get Up to 3 More Medium Pizzas for $5.00 Each Pizza Hut's $5, $5, $5 is Back!

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According to science, four pizzas is four times more delicious than just one, so head to Pizza Hut, because their popular $5, $5, $5 deal is back!

As per tradition, order any large pizza at regular price and you can get a second, third and fourth medium pizza for only $5.00 each! All pizzas are eligible for this offer, but your second, third and fourth pizza must be of equal or lesser value.

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions and stuffed crust pizzas are subject to an additional charge.

Perfect for family dinners, parties or every personal meal for the foreseeable future, this offer is only available for a limited time online, via phone and in Pizza Hut restaurants -- click here to find the location nearest you.


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    • Nice deal.
      First Time I see that one...
      Time to put on a few pounds...
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    • When does it end?
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    • OP should have posted a deal on some sweatpants to go along with this cuz Imma need em for m'fatass
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    • this is how i meal prep for the week 😄
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    • great to freeze ...reheat in oven & they taste the same. Thanks OP
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    • Ugh! This is such a good, yet such a bad deal...thanks for the heads up. Will be in for 4 tomorrow night’s dinner!
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    • Went to order their 10 pizza of the day yesterday. At check out said minimum 15 before tax and delivery for delivery option... Not impressed. Ordered dominos 4 topping for 11.99 instead
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    • Aren't 50% off at Dominoes or Papa John's better than this?

      Of course people can prefer one over the other for taste.
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    • Cartman86 wrote:
      Jan 17th, 2018 7:31 pm

      Buy a large pizza and get the 2nd 3rd and 4th medium for only $5
      FTFY... Now, where's my knife and fork....
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    • What is the best way to reheat frozen pizza?
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    • WL1980 wrote:
      Jan 17th, 2018 9:44 pm
      What is the best way to reheat frozen pizza?
      Microwave it until it's unfrozen, and then cook it on a non-stick pan until the bottom is crispy. You may have to put on a cover, or use aluminium as a faux-cover. Works like a charm.
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    • No thanks. Pizza Hut is notorious for skimping toppings on "deals."
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    • When does this start? Is it only for create my own pizza? I added two larges, chicken pizza etc and they are charging me the pairs price.
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    • superbigjay wrote:
      Jan 17th, 2018 7:43 pm
      When does it end?
      When your stomach explodes.
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    • trellaine201 wrote:
      Jan 17th, 2018 10:18 pm
      When does this start? Is it only for create my own pizza? I added two larges, chicken pizza etc and they are charging me the pairs price.
      The second, third have to be mediums to be five bucks
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    • awww lol cheap pizza hut , cant even give you the same size for $5

      Thank u
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    • $27.50
      for 1 large and 1 medium

      Dominos 50% OFF is better.

      2 large = around $22
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    • I've been craving some greasy pizza so hard these last few days that I had a dream about it. Thanks OP, this is exactly what I need to celebrate my recent weight loss. Nothing like washing down slices of hot oily dough with ice-cold Coca Cola. 😉
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    • I don't like pizza hut, every time I walked in a pizza hut, It's like I'm ready to be mistreated just because I came for a "deal".

      I have to say, that made me really uncomfortable.
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