Pizza Hut: Get a Medium or Large Pizza of the Day for $10.00, Online Only Get a Medium or Large Pizza of the Day for $10!

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There are two types of people in the world -- those who love pizza and liars. If you need a delicious lunch or dinner idea, head over to, where can get a medium or large pizza of the day for only $10.00! A medium pizza usually costs $13.99 while a large costs $16.99, so you can save upwards of $7.00 with this offer!

There's a different pizza offer each day to help satisfy your pizza cravings:

  • Sunday: Triple Crown
  • Monday: Hawaiian
  • Tuesday: Pepperoni
  • Wednesday: Canadian
  • Thursday: Supreme Lover's
  • Friday: Chicken Caesar
  • Saturday: Veggie Lover's

The pizzas are configurable with pan, hand-tossed or thin and crispy crusts. There's an additional charge of $3.00 for a stuffed crust option.

Unfortunately, you cannot combine the pizza with their $5, $5, $5 offer (though it is applicable with pizzas that are not pizzas of the day), so this is a great way to save on your Pizza Hut order if you only need one pizza.

Offer is available for a limited time only. Delivery charges are not included with the price and will vary depending on location.


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    • Only mediums are available in East Vancouver at this price. Sadface.
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    • Saw this in the mailed flyers yesterday.

      For today, it's the Supreme Lover's that comes to 19.95+HST for a Large, with the deal, it's $10+HST. Any modification to the ingredients such as switching and adding will cost you an extra $2-$3 (their summary page is odd).

      Another thing I noticed in the flyer is "free stuffed crust upgrade". There's no way to use that coupon as there's no options or deals to enable it. Even thou the flyer says for online orders. Must be limited to specific locations. :'(
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    • From the Ontario flyer that was dropped in my mail on 27-JUL-2016, the $10 Pizza of the day has "Available for a limited time only" as the expiry date.

      The free upgrade "Stuff Your Crust For Free" Coupon #102 has the expiry date of 04-SEP-2016. States "Note valid with any other offer or promotion. Please present coupon when ordering."

      It's for any "Dine-in, Carry Out, Delivery and Online. One time only."

      I mentioned it at the restaurant and the manager told me to call them if the coupon is not showing up Online when doing the order and they'll rectify the issue.

      Because of the "One time only." it may be the reason to why it does not automatically add itself on your online order.
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    • In Nanaimo, BC, only medium pizzas are offered at this price.
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    • Yikes! The large is $26 with taxes.
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    • There seems only option for Vegetarian folks.
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    • Valid only when ordered online. Medium size only in Toronto. Latest flyer also has lunch special coupon $3.49 for pan pizza & drink. Exp Jan 15.
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    • Medium size only in Ottawa as well. There is no extra charge for a pan crust. The daily special used to be $10 for "even large, even pan," but it is now $13 instead. Too bad.
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    • Large is now $3 more.
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    • A medium Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut consists of 10 pineapple and 5 piece of ham spread thru out the pizza.. lmao. So sad cause I used to love Pizza Hut..
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    • Just noticed a large is now $3 more...
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