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It's here and it's beautiful.

KFC is making their Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich even better, as the fast food chain has launched the all-new Bacon Lover's Chicken Sandwich in Canada.

The Bacon Lover's Chicken Sandwich is a riff on their original Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich, but dials it up to 11 -- the Bacon Lover's Chicken Sandwich features the same oversized buttermilk-breaded chicken fillet, with four strips of delicious bacon, Canadian Monterey Jack cheese and a hefty amount of baconnaise (bacon mayonnaise), all served on a potato bun.

The mouthwatering monstrosity is priced for $9.79 in Ontario (pricing may vary by region) and can be ordered in a combo or box meal for $11.79 and $14.49, respectively. For calorie-counters, a single Bacon Lover's Chicken Sandwich includes 700 calories, which is 180 more than a standard Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich.

The KFC Bacon Lover's Chicken Sandwich is available at KFC restaurants in Canada for a limited time -- click here to find the KFC location nearest you.

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    • So with tax around $16 for a single junk food meal - yes, let me get right on that...
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    • $9.79 seems very high compared to $6.99 for the regular sandwich.
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