KFC KFC Coupons: Two Original Sandwich Combos $10.69, Four Pieces of Chicken with Fries $7.69, Big Crunch or Zinger Combo $6.69 + More NEW Downloadable Coupons Available!

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Sometimes it's too hot to cook, so pick up tonight's dinner at KFC, because a new batch of downloadable coupons are available now!

The coupons must be printed for redemption and we've listed the PDF coupons for all eligible provinces along with their expiration dates.

Coupon offers will vary by province and we've listed the offers available in Ontario restaurants below.

  • $10.00 off a Party Pack with 25 pieces of chicken, two large fries, three large sides and large gravy
  • Family Special with 14 pieces of chicken, large fries and two medium salads - $26.99
  • Two Can Dine with two Original Sandwich combos - $10.69
  • Big Crunch or Zinger combo - $6.69
  • Three pieces of chicken and individual fries - $6.69
  • Four pieces of chicken and individual fries - $7.69
  • Four Piece Box Meal with four pieces of chicken, individual fries, individual salad and regular drink - $8.69
  • Two Can Dine with two Big Crunch or Zinger combos - $13.69
  • Two Can Dine with two three-piece chicken meals - $14.69
  • Family Special with nine pieces of chicken, medium fries and medium salad - $19.99
  • 12 pieces of chicken with medium fries and gravy - $21.99
  • 18 pieces of chicken with extra large fries - $29.99

These coupons are valid at all participating KFC restaurants and not redeemable with online orders. Expiration dates will vary by province -- click here to find the location nearest you.


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