A & W A&W: Get a FREE Hash Brown with Any Egger Breakfast Sandwich Until July 19 Get a FREE Hash Brown with Any Egger at A&W!

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Have a hearty breakfast at any time from A&W, because you'll get a hash brown for free when you order any Egger breakfast sandwich with the A&W app!

This deal is only available with take-out orders placed through the A&W app (Android, iOS) -- simply add any Egger breakfast sandwich and a hash brown to your order and the discount will automatically apply at checkout!

For reference, Sausage & Egger or Bacon & Egger sandwiches are regularly $4.39 each, while hash browns are $1.99 (pricing may vary by restaurant).

The in-app offer is available until July 19 at participating A&W restaurants in Canada, with a limit of one redemption per account per day -- click here to find the restaurant nearest you.


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    • A egger full price is 4.89

      Awcoupon.ca has an egger combo for 4.99
      (so if you want a coffee as well, the coupon route is cheaper - 10 cents for a coffee)
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    • I have a love-hate relationship with A&W hash browns. They're tasty, but sooo greasy...
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    • Eggers at A&W are miles ahead timmies and mcds
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    • Anfaax wrote: Eggers at A&W are miles ahead timmies and mcds
      Yup. It's the bun IMO.
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    • Gutty96 wrote: Yup. It's the bun IMO.
      Bun and their bacon is better.
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    • The real question, does their app log my bathroom breaks?
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    • Apps rather low quality.
      Lots of poor design, major flaws:
      1) Forces prepay, forces some nonsense get close to the restaurant that failed to work for me
      2) Forces drive thru. Not really a big deal to me, but sometimes you may want to go in.
      2) Some A&W do accept american express, but the app does not, visa/mc only not matter what.
      4) No loyalty program. No offers/coupons thru the app, must use seperate website, and even than, most are not available in app.

      Makes little sense since it seems like A&W restaurant is a huge success here, but they clearly put little cash/effort into their app.

      Not that their competitors are much better, McD app works okay but also lots of problems, but they all need to up their game.
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    • chris5555 wrote: The real question, does their app log my bathroom breaks?
      That was a good laugh, LOL... Haha! Yeah, it does.... just kidding.
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    • I got email for a free mama burger

      EDIT: saw there's another thread about the burger lol
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