Golf Town Xxio X Fairway Wood - $449.87 ($100.12 Off) Xxio X Fairway Wood

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  • Experience Easier Distance. True-Focus technology, along with advanced construction combine to produce easier-to-hit, higher launching and longer flying fairway woods.
  • Features:. Hi-Energy Impact Head: We've expanded the high COR area of the face and optimized it specifically for the typical impact pattern. The result is more ball speed and more distance.
  • Smart Impact Shaft: The new MP1000 shaft uses lightweight Nanoalloy® to produce exceptional head speed. It's also engineered to reduce the forces on the body during the swing, helping you stay on balance and hit the center of the face more often.
  • Lightweight and Low Swing MOI Design: XXIO X is exceptional for moderate swing speed golfers, helping them generate more acceleration and speed from its lighter weight, easy-to-swing design.

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