Golf Town True Temper Dynamic Gold Pro .355 Taper Tip Steel Iron Shaft - $13.91 ($22.08 Off) True Temper Dynamic Gold Pro .355 Taper Tip Steel Iron Shaft

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  • Pros and those aspiring to play like them want to have confidence that their irons will fly with exact trajectory and distance each time. True Temper's Dynamic Gold Pro is the industry's first progressive irons shaft. With Progressive Technology, everything about DG Pro is progressive: the flex profile, step pattern, weight profile and internal material distribution. This allows True Temper to tailor the specific playing characteristic of the long, short and mid irons for optimum feel, spin control and trajectory, and ultimately, confidence-inspiring performance for this progressive steel shaft.
  • Features:.
  • Your swing tempo isn't just your swing speed but also your swing pace. Consider how you pull the club back, how long it hangs in the air and how quickly you swing through the ball. Swing tempo helps indicate how the club is loaded and how the club will react through impact.
  • Golfers who want a low, penetrating ball flight should choose a shaft with a lower trajectory.
  • Selecting the correct shaft spin helps maximize carry distance and optimize landing angle.

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