MEC Titan Kayaks Genesis V:III Kayak - $499.00 ($400.00 Off) Titan Kayaks Genesis V:III Kayak

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The beginning of awesome things. This high-performance freestyle boat won’t trip up beginners or hold back pros. The edges forgive, the rails carve and release cleanly. Secondary rails in the nose and tail let you ride your edge up to the peak of your bounce. Centre-concentrated volume makes big loops and balanced cartwheels almost easy. The short, loose hull lets you spin effortlessly and rotate like a chopper blade.
  • Made of recyclable linear high density polyethylene that is super strong for better performance and a faster feel.
  • Reactor outfitting system for comfort and functionality.
  • 4 seat pressure pods direct your leans directly into the hull and rails for faster response, greater stability, and better performance.
  • Adjustable seat.
  • HipFlex System with 3-way ratchet backband, to hold you in place via 3 contact points.
  • Strong and light aluminum-alloy ratchet brackets.
  • Hip pads are formed foam inside an elasticized sleeve. Additional foam shims can be added for a custom fit.
  • 4 gear loop attachment points.

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