MEC Swix Vr Krystal Wax - $20.00 ($8.00 Off) Swix Vr Krystal Wax

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Fluoro-enhanced kickwax with excellent glide and grip for racing and recreational skiing. This wax works well near the zero degree mark, but its effectiveness tends to drop off at colder temperatures.
  • Contains 45g.
  • VR30 Light Blue. -7 to -20°C.
  • VR40 Blue. -2 to -8°C.
  • VR45 Violet. -4 to 0C.
  • VR50 Violet Special. -2 to +1°C.
  • VR55 Violet/Silver. -0 to +2°C.
  • VR60 Silver. 0 to +2°C.
  • VR65 Red/Silver. 0 to +3°C.
  • VR70 Red. +1 to +3°C.
  • VR75 Yellow. +2 to +5°C.

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