MEC Pyranha Jed Kayak - $899.00 ($300.00 Off) Pyranha Jed Kayak

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Own the waves and holes. This freestyle machine plays fast and loose, letting you initiate basic moves effortlessly and link them into trophy-snaring series. Show them how this generation of freestylers does things.
  • Full progressive rocker makes for a speedy, responsive hull.
  • Stern V hull that loosens up toward the back for easy edge-to-edge transitions.
  • Super slicey bow and stern for smooth starts to your vertical moves.
  • Core volume is distributed to let you pop like a porpoise.
  • New Stout outfitting includes a longer, more ergonomic seat that pivots for an engaged or relaxed position. The front-to-back adjustment is now easier for faster boat trimming.
  • Foam can be added to several parts of the seat for a personalized fit.
  • Adjustable hip pads let you add and remove foam shims for a perfect fit and connection.
  • Ratchet backband adjusts forward, backward and vertically.
  • Hull stiffener links front and rear pillars to the seat, forming a safety cage around the paddler to protect against collapse in a pin.
  • Connect grab handles are made of climbing-grade webbing.
  • Security rescue bars are made by DMM, a climbing gear manufacturer.

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