MEC Atlas Access Snowshoes - Men's - $159.00 ($50.00 Off) Atlas Access Snowshoes - Men's

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For travelling over uneven terrain, on or off trails. The Wrapp™ Trail bindings eliminate pressure points, allowing good circulation and warmer feet through the day. Flexible arches and Light Ride suspension give you natural foot articulation that results in good sidehill traction and confidence on icy sections and steep slopes.
  • Frames are 6061 aluminum in a unique V-shape and turned up tails that allow a natural gait.
  • V shaped tails track straight in deep snow and pull less snow as you step, saving your energy.
  • Tempered steel toe crampons and heel cleats offer good traction and bite going up and down hills.
  • Light Ride suspension is comfortable on the trail, and allowing your foot to articulate naturally for smooth striding on mellower terrain.
  • Nytex decking sheds snow and stays flexible in the cold.
  • 25 size has a surface area of 176 square inches, for loads of 120-200+lbs.
  • 30 size has a surface area of 222 square inches, for loads of 150-250+lbs.

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