STEAM Steam Weekend Deals: Borderlands 2 $29.99 US, Counter Strike: GO $7.49 US Steam Weekend Deals: Borderlands 2 $29.99 US

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If you just got hit with snowmageddon, or if you just like enjoying peace and quiet indoors on the weekend, you might be interested in these Weekend Deals courtesy of Steam. Until Monday afternoon, you can pick up Borderlands 2 for $29.99 US and Counter Strike: Global Offensive for $7.49 US. If you missed out on the Winter Sale a few months ago, or just weren't interested in the games then, now's your chance to pick them both up at a discounted price.

Though both titles are first person shooters, they're very different and appeal to different crowds. Borderlands 2 has more of a shoot and loot mechanic while CS:GO is more realistic in its presentation. Both games can be had at 50% off so now would be your best chance to pick them up if you don't want to wait around for another huge Steam sale.

The deals are live now but end roughly around 1pm EST on February 11.


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