STEAM Steam Weekend Deal: Awesomenauts $4.99 US (Reg. $9.99 US), Free to Play Weekend Steam Weekend Deal: Awesomenauts $4.99 US

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If you're into tower defense games with a mix of capture the flag and platforming, you'll definitely want to check out this Steam Weekend Deal. Until Monday, you can download the popular title Awesomenauts for just $4.99 US -- down from $9.99 US and a must for fans of the multiplayer online battle arena genre. Though it doesn't feature classic five-man teams, it does feature faster paced 3v3 squads with customization, various classes, upgrades and all the classic MOBA tactics we've all come to love and enjoy.

With over 150 customization options, you're sure to get tons of replay value out of this. Single-player, co-op, split-screen co-op, achievements, leaderboards and more only add to the $5 package which will definitely have you coming back for more. If you're still not sure about this one, Steam is making it free to play until Sunday which should give you plenty of time to decide. Even with Steam's Winter Sale coming up shortly, we can't imagine this dropping below the 50% mark so you could save yourself some time by picking it up now.

Awesomenauts is on sale until Monday at 1pm EST and is free to play until Sunday afternoon. You'll need the Steam client to purchase and download.


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