STEAM Steam Daily Deal: Terraria $2.49 US (Reg. $9.99 US) Steam Daily Deal: Terraria $2.49 US (Save 75%)

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If you missed out on any of the Steam Winter Sale games, fear not! Steam always has you covered with very good daily, weekly and weekend deals that we're sure you'll be inclined to purchase at one time or another. For the next 24-hours, you'll be able to download Terraria for $2.49 US -- down from $9.99 US and a solid pick up for fans of endless exploration games with no real end game. Basically, it's a 2D Minecraft with more enemies, weapons and terrain. If this appeals to you, read on!

Metacritic gave Terraria a very good score of 83/100 and its low system requirements and co-op play make it accessible for anyone. Still not sure if this is for you? Check out some game play vids here.

The deal is live now but only until 1pm EST tomorrow. The four-pack is also on sale for $7.49 US.


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