Sears Game Room Sale: Pool, Air Hockey, Foosball Tables and Accessories on Sale Sears: Pool, Air Hockey, Foosball Tables on Sale

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If you’re in need of some new game room equipment, Sears has put a wide selection of pool tables, ping pong tables, air hockey tables and accessories on sale. Most of the items will revert back to regular prices this Thursday so, if your guests are tired of board games and Rock Band, you might want to check this out. Here’s a couple of items we wouldn’t mind having in our basement:

Though we've only listed a few items above, the sale includes all the essentials you might need in a game room including tables and chairs, ping pong paddles/balls, billiard cues/chalk etc.

The sale ends on November 17 and shipping to any Sears location starts at $3.95.


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