Green Man Gaming Daily Deal: XCOM: Enemy Unknown $17.50 (Reg. $49.99) Green Man Gaming Daily Deal: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

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The video game sales continue over at Green Man Gaming where you can download a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for $17.50 after using the coupon code GMG30-DPLIM-DN831 at the checkout. If you haven't used the code yet, or have just been waiting for a particular game to go on sale -- you're good to go. Unfortunately, this might be a one time use code (per account) so you'll need to work around that if you've already used it on something else.

X-COM received some pretty good scores on Metacritic and is definitely in the discussion for game of the year in 2012. If you have some time off and think this is something you'd likely invest lots of hours into, now would be the time to download.

The deal is live now but only until midnight. The game is activated by Steam.


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