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January 21 Update: Looks like dropped the price to $19.99.

Here's another limited time video game deal from Right now, owners of a PlayStation 3 can pick up the ICO / Shadow of the Colossus Collection on sale for $24.90 -- down from $39.99 and a solid price for the PlayStation 2 remakes. If you haven't played either of these before, or even if you have, this is a good price for the highly reviewed and popular compilation.

Metacritic gave the games a combined score of 8.2/10 and it should definitely be played at least once by fans of action adventure games. You can read some reviews here, but this really should be in every PlayStation 3 owner's collection.

The deal is live now but, as with all deals, quantities are limited. Shipping is free over $25 so hopefully you can find a $0.10 filler to take advantage of that offer.

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    • This product have been in sale at this price for more that 3 weeks. Maybe there is a price drop coming for this game. If you only want "shadow of the colossus", its on sale actually on the playstation store.
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